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Ciao to all of you, and Happy New Year!

I hope that despite the crisis fear this year we will keep travelling to Tuscany and discovering some of the places that this unique region hast to offer. Today I would like to talk about an important event (which unfortunately I will miss this year) but that I strongly recommend if you've got a few days off and you are able to travel to the Tuscan coast. I am talking about the incredible Carnevale di Viareggio, certainly somewhat less famous than its "big brother" Venetian, but I will say that it has nothing to envy if we look to its spectacular parades, the wonderful costumes or the non-stop fun.

Viareggio is the oldest coastal town of Versilia, which reached its peak as a tourism destination when at the end of s.XIX there were built the most elegant resorts of the coast as well as several "liberty style" hotels located in the beautiful seafront of the city.

Its famous Carnival dates back to 1873 when some high-society young man from Viareggio, decided to organize a floats parade to celebrate the Carnival. That year marked the beginning of one of the most spectacular and colorful Carnivals all over the world.

The Europe World War suspended carnival celebrations, although in 1921 the consolidated Carnevale di Viareggio was able to re-emerge with even more glory. That same year, for the first time it was sang "Copa de Champagne" which today remains the current anthem of the Carnival.
The novelty of 1925 was the introduction of "paper mache" for the construction of the floats.This material allowed the realization of truly spectacular pieces that at the same time are extremely light so they perform real stunts in the air.

2001 marked a turning point for the celebration of the Carnival of Viareggio with the opening of the Carnival City, a beautiful complex that houses modern laboratories for the construction of floats, a school paper mache, in addition to a large amphitheater.

Starting next February 7 and ending 28th. Viareggio will live once again with the great Carnival characterized by political satire and the best parody with the most imaginative floats you've ever seen.

An incredible event which hosts parades, dancing, entertainment, joy .... where the fun is beyond a doubt, in a beautiful coastal city that these days more than ever offers unforgettable moments.

If you wish to enjoy this great festival in the link below you will find the most complete information on the Carnival of Viareggio:

Buon Carnevale e a presto!


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