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Visiting Pienza

is a precious jewel situated in the heart of one of the most beautiful and elegant areas in Tuscany. Pienza is the outcome of the architectural project of a Senese Pope, Pope Piccolomini, who decides to turn this small village into an example of a Renaissance town in XV century.

The pope assigned the project to Rosellino, the famous architect of the time, who spent an unimaginable fortune and built this marvelous architectural jewel in the middle of nowhere.

The story goes that when the Pope got the bill and saw the amount the whole project had come to, he got furious. However, his anger completely vanished once he arrived in Pienza and saw the marvelous sites which have been raised.

As Pienza was not easily accessible as regards roads and seaways, it started to lose importance and its population to deplete little by little. This coincided with the process of the Italian industrialization, giving way to the advent of the Sardo farmers, who bought many of these lands in the 60s and started to produce the famous Pecorino cheese. Nowadays Pienza is back in vogue as a destiny in Tuscany thanks to the selective elite, which visits this incredible city.

Entering Pienza through any of its doors (they are fabulous medieval doors), one gets to the main street, where you can find different stores selling Pecorine cheese (similar to sheep cheese) in its thousands varieties, mingled with gift stores.

The town main square is superb and its spectacular renaissance church and the town hall building make up a wonderful architectural piece of work.

Pienza boasts of a breathtaking viewpoint with majestic views of Valdorcia.

If you want to dine in the city, there are two restaurants I would like to recommend. The first one is called “Il Chiostro di Pienza”, and it is located within the beautiful cloister of an old monastery, (now a Relais), just next to a Romantic church in Pienza main street.

Il Chiostro is an extremely refined restaurant, with a superb terrace graced with the marvelous views of the Tuscan countryside. Mauricio, a dear friend of mine, is the owner. If you happen to come by, don’t forget to tell him Giovanni has sent you; he will certainly treat you with a drink or a glass of wine.

The other restaurant I highly recommend is located in the main street of the town, and the end of the street, and it is called “Latte di Luna”. Even though it is not as elegant as “Il Chiostro”, it serves the best suckling pig I have ever tasted.

Another interesting place you shouldn’t miss is the viewpoint bar, where you can go for a drink. Unforgettable views with unmatchable wines.

I am uploading a video of the town, which will help you get to know beautiful Pienza better।

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