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Dear readers,

Today we’re going to talk about Volterra, the precious medieval architecture jewel, set in the south of Tuscany, a few kilometers away from Siena and San Gimignano, and about the beautiful coast of Tuscany.

Volterra arouses admiration because it has 2000 years of history, which you can enjoy when visiting our city. The city originated in the VII century BC and turned into an important Etruscan capital in III century BC, reaching a population of 25000 inhabitants.

Then it became a Roman city. In the V century AC, the first church is built under the domain of the Tuscan Marquisate, which amazingly boosts its economic, social, religious and legal development.

In the Middle Ages Volterra continues playing an important role in the struggles between Siena and Florencia and beautiful walls are erected, which can still be admired nowadays.

Besides the marvelous walls, when visiting Volterra you can’t miss a stroll through its narrow streets and through the historical city center, where houses and palaces intermingle, in a city with 2000 thousand years of history.

Other landmarks you can’t miss are the Etruscan Museum, the Roman Theater and the Archeological center.

I am uploading a video of Volterra, which though in Italian, I think you will manage to understand.

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