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Civita di Bagnoregio

Dear friends,

Today I want to talk about a place that to me brings back many good memories and that has a special charm… the town Civita di Bagnoregio also called "la città che scompare"( the town that disappears) which is in Upper Lazio (very close to southern Tuscany) a few kilometres from Orvieto (one of the most beautiful towns in Umbria).

To get to this marvellous place, where it is possible to get only on foot and where cars are forbidden, you will have to cross over a bridge-like structure leading to the highest part of the town where it is possible to relish an incredible scenic beauty, the scenery of Tuscia.

The “tufaceas” hills (soil mountains of a colour similar to dessert sand’s) characterize Tuscia. “The town that disappears” has a curious name as it was built on a “tufo” mountain; little by little the town has lost height throughout the years, although luckily modern technology has permitted this ravishing corner of Italy to survive.

In this town just about 10 people live and there is a pair of bars and 3 or 4 restaurants where the typical food from Lazio is served. The town is really enchanting and keeps its original essence.
So friends if the flight that is taking you to Tuscany lands in Rome I heartily recommend that you stop at this magical place to eat (from Orvieto, which is on the road from Rome to Tuscany, it is only 20 minutes).

Of course, I hope this article might be useful in preparing your Tuscan holidays.

Warm regards,


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