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How to save in a trip to Tuscany

How to save in a trip to Tuscany

Tuscany is an area of Italy visited by high standing tourism. However, it is also possible to visit this splendid region on low budget following the recommendations below:

1- Accommodation
All those who do not want to spend a fortune in a trip around the region should hire an apartment with kitchen in a rural house in Tuscany. Having a kitchen will help them avoid having breakfast and dinner out and save.
Tuscany offers many accommodations of this kind but beware of high season as they only rent from Saturday to Saturday.

2- Shopping
If you are in a little touristic village, avoid shopping in the village stores. It can be too expensive, therefore always ask where the nearest COOP to your apartment is. COOP is one of the best inventions of our period of “socialism”: it is a producers’ cooperative where you will be able to buy excellent food products at very low prices.

3- Transport
Avoid public transport as it is expensive and does not go to the most enchanting off the beaten places to visit in Tuscany.
Hire a car, a diesel or a CNG one if possible. Fuel in Italy is very expensive, much more than in US.

4- Eating out
If you need to stick to a lower budget, do not despair as in Tuscany it is possible to eat at very fair prices for there are many "Pizza al Taglio", shops where for a few Euros you will be able to eat excellent pizza with fresh beer.

Another option is visiting some Alimentari which can be located at villages or in bigger towns, such as COOP or a Consorzio Agrario. Go to the section of sausages, then choose the bread you like most (in Tuscany we have excellent bread) and prepare it with the most delicious cheese or sausages that our region offers.

And if, when you go out at night, you want to spend little, do not despair as it is also possible. In the summer Tuscany offers many Feste Unitá or Sagre in which it is possible to eat at prices more than appropriate: (10-15 Euros).

Well Friends,

enjoy Tuscany!

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