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Airports of Tuscany

Dear friends,

Today lets talk about the three most suitable airports for those travelling to Tuscany:

Airport of Pisa

It is the main airport in Tuscany. Most airlines travel from Pisa but most importantly it is where Ryan Air lands with its Low Cost flights connecting Tuscany with most European main town.

This airport only operates mainland European towns and many destinations from UK and Ireland.

The airport of Pisa is recommendable for those travelling to the north and coastal Tuscany and, in particular, the provinces of Pisa, Florence, Lucca, Prato and Massa Carrara.

There are excellent connections from this airport by bus to Siena and by train and bus to Florence. Another advantage of Pisa’s airport is its railway station inside the airport.

Airport of Florence
Florence only operates from Europe.

The airport of the capital of Tuscany is an authentic example of how a bad policy and Meridiana (that is, Alitalia) have negatively interfered in Italian business so much. Consequently, the third most visited town of Italy and one of the most beautiful and famed towns worldwide has a low level airport.

This airport monopolized by Meridiana during many years offers expensive flights by the old Meridiana’s planes that tend to be delayed. Since 2012 some Vueling or Air France plane land in Florence. The town of Florencia has never had the ambition to improve or change the runway there are just some kinds of planes that manage to land in this very short runway located between the A1 and the mountains.

For those reasons I do not recommend this airport.

Airport of Siena
It operates mainland towns as well as London.
The airport of Siena is ideal for those who afford their own light aircraft, as there are no regular flights to this airport.

Alternative airports: Bologna, Perugia and Rome
Airport of Bologna
This is the chance for travellers from New Yorkers as this airport operates New York. The airport of Bologna can be an alternative to the airport of Pisa for those travelling to Florence and not finding flights available to get to the capital or simply prefer this option. The airport of Bologna is a moderately large airport having several flights from different points of the European mainland town and London..

Airport of Perugia
The airport of Perugia which is in currently and steadily growing offers flights from European mainland towns and London for the time being. From Spain travellers can fly from Girona (Barcelona) three times a week, only from March to October. The airport of Perugia is ideal for those who wish to know the region of Umbria (also very pretty) and for the travellers who journey to the south of Tuscany in particular those who have planned to travel to the provinces of Siena y Arezzo.

Airport of Rome
This is the only airport operating intercontinental flights. Therefore for those who come from America, Australia, Africa or Asia it is the only chance with Milan Airport to get to Italy and from there journey to Tuscany.

This airport has to be taken in as an alternative to Pisa for those who travel to the south of Tuscany, in particular to the provinces of Siena, Arezzo and Grosseto and travel from Europe.

Depending on the provinces to which you are travelling the airport of Rome can be equidistant for those travelling to the airport of Pisa, although it is in the region of Lazio.

RyanAir flies from Roma Ciampino and many others companies fly from Fiumicino. Both airports are very well communicated with the center of Rome and its railway station.

As I always have, I hope this information is useful in preparing your trip around Tuscany,

Best regards

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