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Off-the-beaten spots of Siena

Dear friends,
Today I would like to talk about some spot which, from my point of view, have special magic and which should never be missed in a trip to Siena if it is longer than a day. In a previous post I have talked about the main places in town and what should be seen in a visit to Siena in a day. But today I would like to complete the information with the most beautiful spots which are missed in a brief visit.

The first magical spot is the view of the town from Piazza San Domenico.
Depending on the point of access to town which you choose you may miss one of the most picture postcard sights. In fact, from the square, it is possible to enjoy a unique panorama taking in the cathedral of Siena which is, no doubt, one of the most impressive works in town and one of the artistic and architectural world heritage samples.
The second magical spot of town is Porta Romana.
This city gate is probably the prettiest and best preserved. It is located to the south, therefore it was named after its direction, the capital of the Roman Empire (Rome).
This gate is really interesting to visit because it keeps the two gates that people had to go through to get to town. In the Middle Ages, for the sake of security, the town was protected by a main gate which opened towards a courtyard where visitors could be seen from closer and a second gate to enter town.
Next to this gate is a very pretty building which once was a mental hospital, and is nowadays part of the University of Siena.
The way to get from the center of town to the gate will take you along very pretty off-the- beaten lanes.
The third magical spot in Siena is the Basilica dell Osservanza.
To get to the Basílica it is necessary to go by car or bus. The Basílica lies in the outskirts of town and is an ancient Franciscan convent. The church itself has nothing special to view but if the cloister is open you should explore this spot giving lovely peace and quiet. This cloister is particularly pretty because of the environs in which it is in and the fantastic views of Siena.
As I always have, I hope this information is useful.
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