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How to get around in Tuscany

Dear friends,

Since so many of you send me emails asking about the best way to get around in Tuscany, I´ve decided to write a post on the subject.

The first thing I want to say is that Tuscany is a region that has a huge number of towns and villages of great historical, cultural and aesthetic interest that, being so small or with such small populations, dispose of very little in the way of public transport.

Because of this, if on your travels you are focusing on visiting the pretty, lesser known spots in the region it is essential to have your own vehicle.

In the case that this might be your first trip to Tuscany and you are staying in one of the larger cities like Siena or Florence it´s important to bear in mind that both are well connected with the towns in the provinces via a bus network.

Likewise, Florence has a notable train station well connected with the other main cities. In such circumstances you can avoid having to rent a car but should ensure to consult public transport timetables.

On another note, it should be emphasized that taxis are fairly scarce and very expensive.

In short, my advice would be to travel in your own car or to rent a car on your arrival in Tuscany, since, without this means of transport you will miss out on seeing so many of the pretty places this beautiful region has to offer.

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