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Cooking Courses in Tuscany

Dear Friends,
Today I´d like to talk about cooking courses, something that more and more people are requesting during their holidays in the beautiful Tuscany.
Cooking courses are often taught from villas and farmhouses themselves where their property owners, very passionate in the culinary field, offer their guests the chance to learn how to prepare typical regional meals.  Among those dishes most normally taught are different types of fresh pasta as well as desserts and game dishes, nothing difficult to make but all which form an important part of Tuscan cusine.
As well as these “home-run” courses that normally cost between 60 and 90 euros per person per day with food included, there are other more professional courses. The most interesting that I know is that run by “La Bottega del 30! A restaurant near San Gusmé that has held a Michelin star for many years. The owner, the lovely Francesca, some 60 years old, offers interesting courses based on cooking in Tuscany. In any case this option is considerably more expensive than the previous but an altogether different experience.

So for all of you cooking lovers and foodies that like to try authentic dishes wherever you travel, a cookery course might be an interesting option to add to your holiday in Tuscany.

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