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Routes around Tuscany (North)

Dear Friends,
Today I´m publishing a recommended route for those visiting the North of Tuscany.

Day 1- Lucca and Pisa. Obviously in Pisa you can´t miss the Leaning Tower and the Piazza dei Miracoli (“Square of miracles”), monuments considered to be some of the great wonders of the world. Besides the splendid Square of Miacles, Pisa does not have a huge amount to show visitors so you can easily devote a morning to Pisa and the afternoon to Lucca. Lucca is an enchanting city. I suggest a walk around the city´s great walls and a visit to the main square. 

I don´t have any particular restaurants to recommend to you in Pisa but in Lucca I know one very good one called la Bocca di San Antonio in the city centre on Via della Cervia n3.

Day 2. Vinci and Firenze
Vinci is the birthtown of the famous Leonardo da Vinci and this little town does not have a particular interest but it does have a museum where many of the Master´s works and drawings are kept.

Making the most of the nearness to Florence, in the afternoon you can go to the city and start to savour it in all it´s splendor. For dinner in Florence I highly recommend you try the restaurant Finisterrae (open the link for more info) found in Santa Croce square. It is a Mediterranean restaurant, exquisitely decorated with a delightful internal terrace. You can enjoy classic and innovative Mediterranean dishes but also excellent pizzas. 

Day 3- Florence
Florence deserves at the very least a whole day, it is a city with so many things to see but we will follow up with another article covering those sites you really cannot miss.

To eat I suggest you go to Trattoria da Mario, a true paradise for the taste buds with a menu based on Tuscan home cooking and the freshest ingredients.  

Below you will find Google Maps for the routes discussed:
Day 1- Lucca and Pisa
Day 2- Vinci and Florence

Have a good trip! As always feel free to ask any questions or share your thoughts in the comments.

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