Holiday Villas and Small Hotels in Tuscany

Tuscany in November

 I´m writing to all of you today, those planning a holiday in Tuscany and those who have never even considered the idea. I would lie to give you some information about the region that will help you to best organize a trip and assure you that this is an excellent time to come. 

The Climate in Tuscany 

Tuscany can be found in the centre north of Italy and is crossed by the mountain range called the “Appenines” with mountains that reach up to 2000m. Due to this, in November, of course varying from year to year, it can be get quite cold. 

Here are some statistics:
Average maximum temperature: 14˚C 
Average mínimum temperature: 3˚C 
Average number of days with rain: 9
Average humidity: 78% 

 Tourism in Tuscany in November 

At the tourist level November is considered low season, especially in rural areas. For this reason for those who are serious about seeing the sights I can assure you that November is definitely an excellent period. Hotel prices are lower, restaurants offer better service and you´ll have much more space to move around in museums than in the summer months! 

Tuscan Gastronomy in November

Even if the days are shorter and colder at this time of the year, on the other hand, gastronomy sees its finest days in November. It´s the perfect time for game dishes (only available at this time of year) but is also the only moment to taste three typical and exquisite products: 

1. Wild Mushrooms 
2. White and Black Truffles 
3. Freshly pressed Olive Oil 
The Colours of Tuscany 
Autumn is certainly one of the prettiest seasons to appreciate the colours of Tuscany which turn from the gold and green of the summer to brown, orange and rusty reds. In any case towards the end of November the rich brown of the Tuscan earth is exposed and along with the mist that cloaks the hills in the cold morning air creates an especially magical atmosphere. 

In Conclusion
From my point of view, November is truly an excellent time to get to know the region of Tuscany. The gentle morning mists are spectacular and if you´re not fazed by a bit of cold and occasional rain tan you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and quiet museums at very reduced costs as well as take your time to savour the best food of the year.

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