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The "Unknown" Val d'Orcia

Dear Friends,

In the previous blog entry, I talked about the villages in the Val d’Orcia that are well-known, so in this entry I would like to tell you all about some of the lesser-known towns which are in this beautiful valley.

Let’s start with my favorite town in this valley, La Foce, which is easily reached via a white road from Montepulciano. This town is definitely one of the most magical places in the valley. In fact, in La Foce is where you’ll find one of the most famous images of Tuscany, which you can see here in this entry. The image is of the marvelous mansion of the Origo family, who helped shelter many children seeking refuge from the war and the bombing of cities in Italy during the Second World War.

For the garden lovers reading my blog, I would recommend visiting this splendid villa which opens its garden to tourists every Wednesday afternoon (all year long) and every first weekend of the month (in September, October and November) for a few hours.

Another magical and unknown town of the valley is, without a doubt, Radicofani. This town is famous as the refuge of the infamous bandit, Ghino di Tacco, who, in the Middle Ages, managed to kidnap an abbot and convince the Pope to pardon him. This town is located on top of an immense hill and overlooks the valley from its walls. A visit to the tower of Radicofani will literally leave you breathless once you’ve reached the top of it, where you’ll enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view.

Another town which conserves its beautiful medieval heritage is undoubtedly Castiglion d’Orcia, where a stroll through its streets will return you to the Middle Ages. You will definitely love visiting this town.

A drive through these three places, whether in a car or on a motorcycle, in the winter, spring, summer or autumn, with rain or shine, will not leave you listless. Throughout all the seasons, this valley maintains a beautiful energy which is impossible not to catch while passing through these three towns which are not as well known as the others, but just as beautiful.

As always, I hope that all this information has helped you plan, in the best way possible, your vacation in Tuscany.

Kind regards,


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