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From the Trade Paperback edition Dear Friends,

Today, I would like to tell you all about some of the most famous books about Tuscany, which I’m sure that after reading them, you’ll have a more pleasant view of our region and which would also be of great help to you in preparing your trip.

The first book which I would like to recommend is Frances Mayes’ Under the Tuscan Sun.

This book tells the story of an American writer who, after a divorce, suffers from a creative block. Immersed in a profound existential crisis, she decides to visit a friend who lives in Tuscany. Once there, the writer falls in love with a house called “Villa Bramasole” (which literally means “the house which longs for the sun”) and she decides to buy it. However, the villa needs a lot of renovation in order for her to be able to live inside it, but then again, what better place to start a new life than in the region which gave birth to the Renaissance? And thus, the writer begins a new life…

From the Trade Paperback edition I won’t spoil the rest for you. This novel is a best-seller throughout the world and is a light and easy read.

The second book which I’d like to recommend is A Thousand Days in Tuscany by Marlena de Blasi.
This book is a brief tale about the beauty and greatness of Tuscany. There is even a section with regional recipes. This book is perfect for food-lovers.

Another book, which came out not too long ago, is A Vineyard in Tuscany by Ferenc Máté.

A Vineyard in TuscanyThis book tells the story of an American couple who decide to move to Tuscany, buy a vineyard, and produce their own wine. The narrative shows us the beautiful land of Tuscany, the kindness of the locals and the beauty of a life in contact with nature.

If you like this book and would like to read more about Tuscany, you could also buy his second book called The Wisdom of Tuscany.

Well, friends, happy reading!

Kind regards, from Tuscany under the snow,


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