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Restaurants in Cortona

Dear Friends,

This blog is about a new restaurant in Cortona that our friend Juan Angel has showed us:

It is called "Trattoria Tacconi", and it serves typical Cortonese cuisine. Very local and small, it only has five tables at street level and is run by a couple.

The very nice woman takes care of the customers orders and also cooks. You can see the kitchen from the tables, and you must pass through it in order to get through the bathroom.

The host told us about what they were serving for the day: A couple types of pastas with three different sauces that turned out to be delicious, and a second plate that was an exquisite steak.

After that we had two or three more small plates and some coffees. They do not serve desserts except for gelato. The food is excellent and definitely worth a try.

The clientele is varied: some businessmen, workers in the area, and plenty of "regulars". Very few tourists ever come here.

The check wasn't exactly cheap, but for two plates of pasta, two steaks, a litre of the house wine, water, the side plates, and the coffees, it came out to €60. Like I said, not exactly cheap, but at many other places the steaks alone would add up to  €40, and the delicious food is well worth it.

If you get a chance to come to Cortona, I highly suggest you try out "Trattoria Tacconi" so you can have your own idea of how good the food is here.

Kind regards,


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