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Biking in Tuscany

Dear Friends,

Surely many of you are already enjoying their summer holidays somewhere in the sun, some of you may even be in Tuscany right now.

For those of you that are, may I suggest a bicycle tour through Tuscany to discover the beauty this region has to offer? Experienced riders tell us that such a trip will let you experience the countryside in a much more enjoyable way as it unrolls in slow motion before you.

Tuscany is a region full of agriculture and therefore full of many dirt roads and beautfigul hills that can be easily scaled on a bike.

If you are staying at a Bed&Breakfast or at a countryside hotel, your hosts will be able to assist you in finding a bike. If you are staying in a city, there are always bicycle rental shops that can be found on the internet.

To find the best bike roads in your area we highly recommend this fantastic website:

Another option is of course just asking the people that live in the region about the best tracks and routes in the area. Locals always know best.

I hope this article will be helpful to you and that your holidays will lead to many happy memories!

Kind regards,

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