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Fantastic Florence

Dear Friends,

Following on from Monday´s blog, I am continuing the tour of Tuscany by heading North-west from Arezzo – approximately an hour drive- to the fabulous city of Florence.

Florence is a great city and the capital of Tuscany. Although it is a relatively small city Florence is an amazing place to visit and a very important stop on our tour of the region. The size of Florence makes it a great spot for a day trip or if you have the time longer. If you choose to visit for the day there are many museums and art galleries to enjoy- Florence has about 50.

Three days in the city will give you more time to experience the wonder of this great city and you can even get a three day pass called the Firenze Card which will give you access to all the museums without having to queue.

It is worth checking rates and conditions before you travel by visiting the official website where you will find all the information you need about the card and the best places to visit.

I have blogged many articles about the joys of Florence and below I detail the most useful ones and give a little extra advice.

 1 - Florence in a Day
For those of you only going for a day this article will advise you on how to use that time wisely, and for people travelling for longer should the weather turn bad then this itinerary is for you. I recommend to you all to read before you go, and you can adapt the schedule to your own times.

 2 - Sylvia's Journey in Florence
In three blogs I detail a friend´s trip to Florence and the sights she visited. All the blogs are great reading and Sylvia had a blast. The three blogs are: Firstly the “Palazzo Vecchio” where we give some notes on art and history; the second is titled “Via de Tornabuoni: Streets of Privilege” where we give a little history behind the fashion streets of Florence and the third is about Piazzale Michelangelo, the best place in Florence to enjoy outstanding views of the city.

3 – Eating Out
The best value for money restaurant in Florence – in my opinion – is called DA MARIO, a quiet spot in the historic centre and not overly touristy.

4 – Guides
And last but not least, the all important guidebook is an essential you cannot be without! Take a guidebook with you – in your chosen language- and you will have at your fingertips all the information you are likely to need. [You could find an App but depending on roaming charges it might not be the best option].

I hope you find this helpful and I wish you all a fantastic trip to Florence,

Best Regards,

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