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Dear Friends,

Today I am giving a little bit of advice on the main topics I consider important when organizing a trip to Tuscany:

The route of your holiday is by far the most important decision and I have received numerous emails asking for more advice. I published a blog yesterday about a route in Southern Tuscany and have previously blogged about hiking and cycling tours through Tuscany.
Listed below are some blogs which I think will be a helpful read:
Routesof Tuscany: An item where you can find details of routes through Northern and Southern Tuscany.
TheTuscany itineraries: A blog page written by myself and with contributions from readers.
Sylvia'strip to Tuscany: The story of my friend Sylvia´s trip to Tuscany a few years ago. She spent months travelling through Tuscany and together we have written an interesting tale of her time, which I highly recommend.

I don´t usually discuss accommodation but I have received lots of readers comments on great places to stay and have posed some in the Blogs.
An article I published discussing different types of accommodation will also help you decide where to stay.
Tuscany is renowned as a region that specialises in agriturismo. Tourism which connects the traveller with the land and people of the country visited. Usually this involves family run private houses with pools, splendid garden apartments or quaint rural hotels. Thus, giving guests a personal and intimate connection to this great region- something which is unsurpassable!
For more information on this type of holiday rental, see the links below:
Howto organize a route through Tuscany: In this article there are many practical tips on how to organize a tour of Tuscany, from accommodation to transport information.

Restaurants are another important part of a trip to Tuscany and a great way to sample the local cuisine. Various bloggers and I have written a short guide on our experiences and recommendations of restaurants in the region. We hope to have detailed a great guide of local and unknown restaurants, as we know the area well and can steer you away from major tourist spots.
For more information visit: Tuscany restaurants
I advise you to check ahead of time the current opening times of the restaurants.

The information below is just a little extra that I feel is helpful in added a touch of sparkle to your trip:
BikeTours in Tuscany: In this article you will find a link that informs you on what routes you can take a bike on through Tuscany.
 Spas: If you are interested in the spas of Tuscany, I recommend that you read the following items: Spa in Northern Tuscany, Baths of Bagno Vignoni, Terme di Rapolano.
For those who like guidebooks there is a great selection of books on Tuscany.
For lovers of gastronomy and wines I also advise reading: Tuscan wines, cheeses and sausages from Tuscany.

As always I hope this article is helpful to organize your trip to Tuscany,

Best Wishes

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