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Castelluccio in Umbria

This week will probably be the last chance to enjoy the beauty of the ‘fioritura’ of Castelluccio, as the short period of time in which all vegetation flourishes in the valley between the Sibillini Mountains is called in Umbria.

Castelluccio is a small town located close Norcia (Southern Umbria) and is undoubtedly worth visiting during this period. If you are in the area of Siena, Castelluccio is approximately a 2-hour drive away – quite a long journey, but unique scene is most definitely worth the trip!

The landscape during the fioritura of Castelluccio is a spectacular sight to behold, which you will not find elsewhere and is an absolute must-see for nature lovers.

The fioritura occurs between June 15 and July 4, so this is the best period to visit this valley. For lunch, I highly recommend stopping at "Beccofino" or "Dal Francese" (the former is more expensive but more elegant) in Norcia, where you can eat the finest Italian black truffles.

Some photos of Castelluccio:

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