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The Route through South Western Tuscany

The area which continues to fascinate me of my region remains the south of Tuscany, but this time instead of examining the east (see previous article; route through the Val d’Orcia) today I would like to talk about the western and coastal Tuscany.

If your base is in the southern region we suggest a drive throughout Val d’Orcia in the Montalcino direction. The breathtaking landscape that ensues is without a doubt the most beautiful in all of Tuscany.

Once at Montalcino we advise you to take a break to enjoy the view.

From the top of this small town not only can you taste one of the best red wines of the world but you can also enjoy spectacular views of the surrounding landscapes.

Following the route to Maremma you will see how little by little the hilly landscapes changes as you get closer to the coastal area. The landscape transforms from the typically hilly cypresses areas and gives way to more plain landscapes abundant with pine trees.

Sovana, Soran and Pitigliano are three areas within a short distance in a zone called “area del tufo”; a clay ridden land on which cities of Etruscan origin were built.

Pitigliano is undoubtedly the most emblematic of the three and one that should be visited first.

This place was very important even before the arrival of the Romans and the city remains in its original appearance.

There are high wall trails that the Etruscans (the first civilization that occupied the area) cut into the rock so that they could go up and down, which led to it becoming one of the main settlements in La Maremma.

Pitigliano also has an interesting Jewish quarter with a synagogue which I would recommend you visit.

A walk around Pitigliano is like a journey in time; you can enjoy its medieval walls, its churches and the Cathedral, which was modified during the Italian Renaissance period.

After visiting Pitigliano there are several further options to explore southern Tuscany depending on what may take your fancy.

1. For the lovers of archaeology and history the journey may continue by visiting Sorano and Sovana. The second retains some interesting monuments like the “Tumba ILdebranda”, the largest Etruscan tomb ever found to date and an archaeological park of great historical importance.

2. For the lovers of the baths instead, I would advise a visit to Saturnia which is located a few kilometres from Pitigliano. In Saturnia you can enjoy the most spectacular outdoor baths of Tuscany, and most likely all of Italy. This is a must for lovers of nature and relaxation.

3. For those who do not like to pass up a day at the beach I recommend the coast of the Argentario area where there are the most beautiful beaches of the peninsula. Also from which you can sail to the nearby Isola del Giglio.

4. Furthermore, from Pitigliano it is possible to complete the south western route of Tuscany by visiting Civita de Bagno Regio which is found in the Lazio region. If you decide to take this route you can easily return to Tuscany by Orvieto by passing through the motorway A1.

Awaiting as always to help in designing your tours through Tuscany. Regards to all, Giorgio.

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