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Tuscany in 3 Days

A three day trip could be a sufficient time for a first visit to Tuscany and to start to get to know its beautiful lands. However, I would of course recommend to spend at least a week in this spectacular region.

For those that have several days to travel and explore, I recommend the following:

Day 1 -

The first day of the journey through Tuscany should be dedicated entirely to the city of Florence. We have discussed this unique city in this blog many times before, therefore, here are a series of links that will help you map your way through the historical capital of the region of Tuscany.

Fantastic Florence

How to Get Around Florence

One Day Excursion to Florence

Day 2 -

The second day undoubtedly has to be dedicated to Siena in the morning and San Gimignano in the afternoon.
We have also endlessly discussed these two medieval cities, thus, here is a link with some information that will help you design your itinerary whilst visiting these two places.

The Medieval City of Skyscrapers

Day 3 -

The third and final day we dedicate to Lucca and Pisa. You can also visit these two cities in the same day; Pisa during the morning and Lucca during the evening.

As I have earlier iterated there are a plenty of links available from our blog regarding these two cities to help make your trip the best ever.

Routes Around Northern Tuscany

Enjoying Tuscany's Thermal Spas and Springs (Northeast Tuscany - Pisa and Lucca)

This route that we have selected is designed to make Florence the base for different journeys.
Not having a car would make these journeys quite difficult with the proposed timeframes. I would always recommend hiring a car when holidaying in Italy so that you don’t miss a single corner of the region due to immobility or discomfort.
As always I hope this information has been useful in preparing you for your holiday in Tuscany.

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