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How to Hook Up in Tuscany

Good friends, today we’re going to talk about a slightly less professional topic but I will certainly be useful when you visit Tuscany, especially if you are single or not always the most faithful of partners…

So today we will talk about how, where and when you can pick someone up in Tuscany.

If you’re a Man:

Just to warn you dear readers about flirting with Italian women; it’s very hard. Italy is a Catholic country and very macho (but it is actually the women who are in control) and the woman must always appear serious.

After this brief introduction, I will tell you one thing although the Italians are interested in you they will hardly look at you and therefore you will need to be able to interpret small attitudes that will open the doors to flirting.

You have to be friendly and fearless and above all resist when you cast the first attack because they will reject you, but with a bit of insistence and trying to make them laugh eventually you will break the ice and have hope. You have to remain very sure of yourself because Italian women trample on pride.

The places where you flirt in Italy are all those that you would never imagine. In Italy you flirt during the day on the street, at the bus top, in the queue at the butchers…

Obviously you can also flirt during the night in clubs and bars but in a different way than in other countries for two basic reasons:

1. The Italians do not drink or drink very little so forget about a bit of help from Bacco.

2. When the Italians go out at night they go out with their boyfriend, and it is very difficult to see in Italy, like in other European countries, groups of girls who go out together as singletons. So my friends the nights out here are quite boring I’m afraid.

Now comes when to flirt; obviously all the seasons are good for flirting but it seems that most couples break up after summer which is round about NOW! So that you lucky single guys visiting Tuscany, especially Florence, just know that Autumn is a good time to borrow an Italian girlfriend!

If you’re a single woman:

If you’re a single woman and you travel alone or with friends to Italy you’re heading for paradise.

You do not have to do anything because many Italians will come out like flies to you and you will only have to choose.

Careful with the Italians; they are like octopuses in flirting therefore it can sometimes be a bit full on, but of course it’s always good fun.

Happy flirting in Tuscany to you all,



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