October is an excellent period for travelers who want to take a trip to Tuscany. In the next few points I am going to try to comment on the advantages of travelling during this time of year.

1. The first reason I advise you to get to know our beautiful Tuscan land during this period is definitely so that you can see the enchanting colours of the fields. Tuscany as you may well know has some wonderful landscapes and during this month of the year they are particularly stunning. The earth of the ploughed fields, usually have shades ranging from grey to brown, now, in contrast, are alight with the reds in the vineyards and yellows as the leaves begin to fall. Also during this period it is possible to appreciate the fogs, observing them from the hilltops is a unique experience which you can only enjoy during the early hours of the morning.

2. Gastronomy is another strong point in favour of a trip in October. It is the period of the harvest, of the collection of the olives as well as mushrooms and truffles. Travelers passing through Tuscany during the month of October can enjoy delicious dishes of mushrooms and truffles as well as freshly squeezed olive oil.

3. The prices of the rural houses and hotels, seeing as it is not high season, during this period prices for lodgings in Tuscany generally are far lower in comparison. For all of you who always ask me on the Blog and Facebook which would be the type of accommodation that I would advise is: Villa Vignacce. I have spoken many times about the house, Villa Vignacce, in the Blog because I know it personally and on the internet you will find a lot of information about it. Nevertheless, as I always want to have many possibilities to recommend, I could suggest anything from the villas in Tuscany to small hotels, to charming casitas. Besides being one of the sponsors of the Blog that finance my articles with advertisement all the people that I’ve managed to send to this portal have always been very grateful for the treatment and they have spent beautiful vacations in a stunning home. Anyway, I recommend looking at the internet as you will find many portals for all tastes, and all budgets.

4. The lines at the museum are another valid reason to visit Tuscany during the month of October. Firenze Card allows you to avoid the queues and visit all the museums of the historical city. All the queues that in the summer steal a lot of the tourist’s time are very much reduced during the autumn and winter months, when the number of tourists is significantly reduced. For those wishing to experience Florence and its museums for several days I recommend buying the Firenze Card.

5. The weather is the last reason that I would recommend visiting Tuscany in October. The days still possess enough daylight and are still filled with warm temperatures of around 10-12 degrees as a minimum and 18-22 degrees as a maximum. Rainfall during this period is not plentiful and makes a trip in October to Tuscany very pleasant.

In conclusion, those lucky enough to enjoy a trip to Tuscany during the month of October can still very much enjoy our beautiful land. If you choose the first fortnight it is usually better in terms of climate and daylight hours while the final two weeks may be somewhat colder. I hope you enjoy your trip to Tuscany!

Best regards, Giorgio.


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