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When to Visit Tuscany

There are a lot of travelers that write to me on a daily basis asking when is the best time of year to visit Tuscany, and what are the usual temperatures of the region, therefore, I have decided to dedicate an article to extend this information to my readers:


Spring is the period of year that from my point of view is the most ideal to get to know Tuscany, for the marvelous colors of its countryside, for the long hours of daylight and for the agreeable climate.


The colors of the landscape are beautiful filled with nature and wildlife.
The days start to become longer, you can enjoy a lot more hours of light and the days are filled with pleasant sunshine.
The best month without a doubt is May and the beginning of June for the spectacular colors. Another advantage of travelling during this month is that it is low tourist season.


The summer is also a very beautiful period to get to know Tuscany.


The colors of the countryside are magnificent, the colors of spring give way to summer and the yellow wheat fields and sunflowers are out in all their glory.
The days are long, the rain is scarce and the days are warm.
The best month of summer is from my point of view September for it to be less hot and less touristy.


The main disadvantages of travelling in summer in Tuscany are that some prices are higher due to it being high season, the places of interest are filled with tourists and a few days on occasion it is too hot to the point of 35 degrees in July and August.


Autumn is also an excellent time to get to know Tuscany.

The main advantage of travelling to Tuscany in autumn is the beautiful colors. The yellows of summer give way to the browns and rich reds of autumn. During this period you can take part in the harvest, in the recollecting of the olives and enjoying the restaurants with delicious dishes made with truffles and mushrooms are abundant in this season.
Another advantage to travel to Tuscany in autumn is to enjoy the tourist places when they are more quiet and the temperatures are a little cooler. The best month to travel to our region during autumn is without a doubt the month of October.


As a disadvantage the days are very short and cold and the rainfall is on the increase.


The winter is maybe the season that is least suitable to get to know Tuscany although this period can also be interesting for various reasons that I will explain.


During winter the prices of the hotels often lower and visits to the tourist sites is more enjoyable for the lack of queues. The best period to discover Tuscany in winter time is definitely near the Christmas dates to enjoy the atmosphere and the beautiful decorations of the towns and cities during this period.


The days are cold and short and wet. The colors of the landscape are not especially beautiful as there is not a single flower in the fields. The best period in winter could be February for the first green fields or alternatively to see the fields full of snow...depending on the meteorology!

As always I hope that this information has been useful.
Kind regards,


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