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The Five Most Beautiful Cities of Tuscany

Dear Friends,

After talking about the towns of Tuscany I'm now going to describe which are from my point of view the 5 most beautiful cities of Tuscany.

1- Siena

I am sure that many of you will not understand why the capital of Tuscany, the city of Florence, is not at the top post. The reason is simple; I was born in Siena and this was the place that I grew up and spent my childhood. Besides the sentimental value that I hold for Siena, objectively Siena is a beautiful city and for lovers of the medieval era it is surely a must to visit.

The extraordinary historic centre of Siena retains unique monuments of the world that I have detailed in several of my articles that I have written in the past:

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2 - Florence

The capital of Tuscany is a jewel of Italian Renaissance architecture with its beautiful palaces, its impressive cathedrals, and one of the most important art collections in the world. Florence is a required step for any traveler who intends to visit Tuscany.

As I have done for Siena, I have also written various articles about Florence that you will find on the following links:

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3 - Lucca

Lucca, in the north of Tuscany is from my point of view the third most beautiful city of Tuscany. Not only the historical centre of the city is of great interest historically and culturally but also the mighty wall that protects it is something that you must visit. Lucca is worth a visit, to visit some of the famous villas that are located just outside the city centre.

As for Siena and Florence I will facilitate some previously written articles about the city:

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4 - Arezzo

In the south west of Tuscany you will find the little city of Arezzo, a city that is not well known by tourists as it is located outside the main routes. The city offers tourists a great artistic heritage of the medieval era especially. The churches of Arezzo retain some of the most important works or art of the Middle Ages such as the pictures of Piero della Francesca or works of Cimabue. I recommend you visit this extraordinary city.

You can consult the following readings of Arezzo:

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5 - Pisa

Finally, at the end of the list, we find a deserving Pisa. Although it does not retain the historical importance as a centre as the above mentioned cities it definitely is one that retains one of the most famous monuments in the world: the Tower of Pisa. The visit to Pisa can be reduced to the famous "Piazza dei Miracoli" and the Tower.

Below you will find some items of interest:

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As always, throughout this article I hope to have helped you in organizing your route through Tuscany.

Greetings to all.


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