Holiday Villas and Small Hotels in Tuscany


Soon I will go to "Villa Monticchiello", so tonight I'm going back to the pretty little village from which it took its name. I intend to take one last walk in Monticchiello and dine here, accompanied by Carolina, a very nice girl who has a medicine practice in Montevideo, and is holidaying in the same place as me.

Monticchiello is a small village, I believe has no more than 400 or 500 inhabitants. It's a real medieval gem and , in those days, the fortress enjoyed great prestige in the area. It is so well preserved that to wander these parts is a real journey back in time. In addition, the dim night lighting accentuates this feeling of being in another era. It is located on the top of a hill and the high watchtower can be seen from the citadel from a great distance.

The urban layout of the town is a cross of cobbled streets built within the walls of the ancient fortress of XIII century. The architecture is a dream and there is nothing to break the stylistic harmony. Carolina did not conceal her surprise in expressing her enthusiasm at every turn.

We ate dinner early here, we left with enough time to find some shops that were still open . I wanted to show Carolina a lovely little shop next to the church of San Leonardo and San Cristoforo, also of the thirteenth century, which sells bedding, bath and authentic table linen, handmade according to local tradition. You cannot imagine how pretty they are! Carolina purchased a set of linen towels that would be suited to a princess of another time.

The walk around the village went quickly and thus we went to have dinner at the restaurant of Daria Bonari, "Osteria La Porta", where I had already eaten one day and wanted Carolina to try it, as well as to introduce Carolina to Daria who is a charming and excellent chef as well as wine connoisseur. In fact, she organises courses in local cuisine and wines.
 Daria invited us to an apperitif with some prosecco wine, a delicious white wine, and recommended that we start with some freshly picked forest mushrooms - "funghi porcini" - and continue with a plate of "pici" (a kind of thick handmade spaghetti) with "cacio" (sheep's cheese) and pepper. All of it was delicious and generously served we were not able to order anything except a delicate hazelnut homemade sorbet.

Over coffee and a glass of "grappa" Daria told us that in July and August, they are representatives of the "Teatro Povero" of Monticchiello, of which the locals are authors and protagonists. The plot work around their own lives, their rural culture, folklore and the history of the village.
The plays are opened conscientiously throughout the year, so that the result is the best. This unusual theatrical style is very prestigious in Italy and even abroad. Apparently, finding accommodation in the area at that time requires to be booked well in advance.
In Monticchiello there is a small museum dedicated to their "Teatro Povero".

Carolina and I gave two big kisses to Daria, we were very grateful for the wonderful meal and for the friendly and interesting company after desserts. 

Dinner for two, wine included, cost us about 40 euros.


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