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Photographic Routes through Tuscany - Val d'Orcia (Chapter 1)

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I write to inform you that this new section of the blog is dedicated to the lovers of photography, in this section I will explain to you the places, from my point of view, which are most worth visiting to capturing the greatest pictures of Tuscany:

La Foce - Val d'Orcia - Recommended period: May to September

La Foce is a small town located a few kilometers from Montepulciano in the midst of Val D'Orcia. In this town you will find the Villa of the writer Iris Origo, who during the years of the Second World War helped the population of the area significantly by building the first school and the first hospital for farmers in the area.

You can visit the Villa in the mornings and during the afternoons only on Saturdays, so if you have time I recommend a visit to this beautiful estate which you will see in some images below:

From the Villa parts a beautiful road that is lost to the hills of the Val d'Orcia and it leads to the village of Bagno Vignoni. The route also passes through a small brewery of Val d'Orcia which is called Olmaia, and in which they produce a great artisan beer.

In this area of Tuscany the way the wheat grows, if you visit these places during the months of May and June, you will be able to take some spectacular shots of the green fields of wheat and poppy flowers. Also in this area you can grab yourself the famous image of Tuscany that you can see below:

The winter months in Tuscany must not be forgotten as they are also beautiful, the photo that can be seen as follows is one that I took in December a couple of years ago.

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