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The 7 Best Photographic Routes Through Tuscany

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Today we're going to talk about what 7 scenic routes you should not miss on your travels in Tuscany.

This motorway is definitely my favourite and passing through this you will be able to enjoy some of the most spectacular countryside of Tuscany, which appears in the majority of the photographs that you will find about our beautiful region. A trip along this road should be a must on an adventure to Tuscany.

2- From La Foce to Radicofani

Another impressive road is one that leaves the town of la Foce and goes on towards the village of Radicofani. This road also passes through some of the most famous landscapes of Tuscany such as the cypress trees in the shape of the S. The whole road that crosses through the beautiful Val d'Orcia (declared a natural heritage site by UNESCO) is certainly one of the unforgettable sceneries in a trip to Tuscany.

3- From Taverne d'Arbia to Asciano

Also situated in the province of Siena between Taverna d'Arbia and Asciano you will enjoy a road through the breathtaking Crete Lunari and Crete Senesi, one of the most impressive landscapes of the Tuscan countryside. The shape of the hills in this area of Tuscany is simply breathtaking. This is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful landscapes in the region.

4- From El Castello di Brolio to Castello Ricasoli

Among the best routes through Tuscany you cannot forget the road through Chianti. One of my favourite routes is that from the beautiful Castello di Brolio and Castello Ricasoli. Both castles produce excellent wines so a walk through its wineries is highly recommended.

5-  From Montalcino to Castagneto Carducci

For those who love the beach and coastal areas and who are basing their stay in the south of Tuscany, I recommend instead of going through the fast track from Siena to Grosseto to take some more time and go through Montalcino towards Castagneto Carducci. Besides passing through landscapes worthy of the best photographs of Tuscany, you will also be able to enjoy the challenging landscape of the pine and cypress hills to the plains of Maremma.

6- From Lucca to Barga

As almost all of these routes are in southern Tuscany, I wanted to add a route for those wishing to explore the northern area and the mountains. A lovely drive is definitely available by passing from Lucca to Barga discovering the beautiful region of Luigiana. Its mountain landscapes are very different from the sweet hills found in the south of this region.

Another beautiful route is definitely on the road from the town of Cortona, passing down to Lake Trasimeno through the town of Capezzine. The sweet sweeping hills of Val di Chiana end on the beautiful Lake Trasimeno. The Val di Chiana is one of the areas where Tuscany Tabacco is produced and during this ride you can enjoy the beautiful tabaco plants as well as the wheat and sun flower plantations.

I hope that this information has helped in organising your trip to Tuscany.

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