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The Five Restaurants in Tuscany and Umbria That You Can Not Miss!

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Today's article is focused on gastronomy, a fundamental part of travelling through Tuscany. 

What is key to knwo is that Tuscan cuisine is based on an excellent and the highest quality raw material, and it mostly focuses on meat dishes than fish. The "King's" dish is the ribeye or the beefsteak of Chianina or Fiorentina which are two types of native cattle , well known in the USA for their excellent flavour and texture. Seeing as the meat dish is the "King" the pastas and the soups are the "Queens" of our gastronomy. During your visit to Tuscany you can enjoy some delicious regional dishes such as Ribollita or Pasta with truffles, and other delicacies which those themselves are worth the trip.

Now, once we have talked a bit about the delights of our land I want to advise you of five places where you can not only to enjoy these dishes but also you are able to learn about the traditions and culture of our region. Four of these restaurants are located in Tuscany while the last one is in Umbria. Let us begin:

1 - Dario Cecchini in Panzano in Chianti

Dario Cecchini was born in Panzano, Chianti, about 50 years ago and comes from a family with a tradition for butchery. His family, owner the village butcher for 8 generations waited for him in the future in the bank of the people. Instead, Dario decided to revolutionize the family business and transform the butcher's into the best meat restaurant in Tuscany. 

Visiting Dario Cecchini's restaurant is all an experience and to elaborate on this I recommend that you take a look at the following link:

2 - Osteria Acquacheta, from Giulio Montepulciano

Another great restaurant, or rather I should say Osteria (the name used in Tuscany to describe the restaurants where the owner works and interacts with his guests) is Osteria Acquacheta di Giulio in Montepulciano.

Like Dario, Giulio also has as his star dish the ribeye or the beefsteak, although it is also possible to try soem other excellent regional dishes which vary a lot depending on the season.

In this blog again I have written various articles about Giulio, that I provide you with below. Furthermore, I also have added some other pages of interest:

3 - Da Mario in Florence

Another restaurant that without a doubt you have to go to eat during your visit to Tuscany is the Trattoria de Mario, situated in the historic centre of Florence. Da Mario is without a doubt the best osteria in terms of value for money in the city and it shows through the enormous amounts of Florentines that continue to eat there. Moreover, although Da Mario has become a tourist attraction it has never stopped offering products of the highest quality at great prices.

Da Mario is an osteria, so the owner often shares his table with strangers, ensuring an unforgettable experience. I attached the link to this fantastic restaurant:

4 - La Bottega del Trenta in Castelnuovo Berardenga

Lost in the Tuscan countryside in the south of the province of Siena is this little house run by a French lady who for years has been combining refined Tuscan cuisine with touches of the "nouvelle cuisine". In this restaurant you can taste and appreciate the finest Tuscan cuisine. Unfortunately this excellent restaurant's prices are usually quite high. Even so, this is the perfect place to throw the house out the window and reward yourselves with an unforgettable gastronomic tribute.

To elaborate about this restaurant I recommend you read the following articles:

5 - 4 Piedi & 8.5 Pollici in Montefalco, Umbria

This little Osteria lost in the middle of beautiful Umbria and a few kilometers from the famous Montefalco is managed by a friendly lady called Laura and may rather be regarded as a small gastronomic laboratory.
The Osteria that consists of 5-6 tables and offers an Umbrian cusine with floral notes and "nouvelle cuisine". You will see that the flowers are always in the decoration of the dishes.

What fascinates me about this place is definitely the fantasy that is used in the preparation of their dishes, it is always new and surprising.

This place unlike Bottega del Trenta is a place where you can taste the gastronomic innovation at more affordable prices. Passing through Umbria you cannot miss a visit to this restaurant.

To continue reading about this restaurant I advise:

I hope as always that this will be useful in organizing your trip to Tuscany.

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