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The Five Museums in Tuscany which you Cannot Miss!

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In this article I'm going to try and inform you about the main museums of Tuscany which for me I would say you cannot miss during your travels in Tuscany. We will start with the first:

1 - Gli Uffizi (Florence)

La Galeria degli Uffizi is located in Florence and is without a doubt one of the most important museums in Italy, if not the world.

This museum holds works of art of an inestimable value that the Medici family, who ruled Florence during the Italian Renaissance, purchased or received as donations during their reign. 

This museum is divided into different rooms in chronological order and displays art from the 12th century to the eighteenth century with its best collection of Renaissance works.

Inside there are masterpieces of Cimabue, Caravaggio, reaching Giotto, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raffaello and others such as Sandro Botticelli.

Like all the major museums Uffizi is very popular so I would advise you to buy the ticket in advance in order to avoid the long queues.

Here I give you the link to the museum:

2 - La Galeria de la Accademia (Florence)

La Galeria de la Academia is the second museum in Florence which is very important and like Uffizi it is located in the historic city center. The museum, the second in Italy for number of visitors after the Uffizi Gallery, featuring the largest number of sculptures including Michelangelo's famous David.

Inside the gallery you can also see other important collections like the artifacts from the collection of historical Conservatorio Luigi Cherubini.

3 - The Museum Opera della Duomo de Siena (Siena)

The Museum of the Opera del Duomo in Siena is located next to the Cathedral, located in what was supposed to be the right aisle of the "New Cathedral", according to a proposed expansion of the fourteenth century which was never completed.  

The gallery contains many works of art from the medieval period and includes the artistic production of Duccio di Buoninsegna,  which was his absolute majestic masterpiece. Inside the museum you can also find the works of Giovanni Pisano Donatello, Jacopo della Quercia, John Dupre, etc.

For more information, I forward you this link:

4 - Medici Villas

The Medici villas are architectural complexes belonging to the Medici family from the fifteenth to the seventeenth century found in the surrounding areas of Florence and elsewhere in Tuscany.

Besides being a place of leisure and entertainment the villas were small centers of power from which the territory of the Medici family was administered. The villas were also the agricultural center of the economic activities of the Medici family.

On 23 June 2013, the World Heritage Committee in Phnom Penh declared 14 of these villas as UNESCO World Heritage.

To see the list of villas as well as to access more information about them, I invite you to visit the following link:

5 - Museum of the Etruscan Academia in Cortona

Although there are other museums that can be considered of greater artistic importance I wanted to introduce here the Etruscan Museum of Cortona. The reason why I decided to add it is to pay respect that it was the first civilization of relevance to occupy the lands of Tuscany thousands of years ago.

You have to know that the Etruscans were a population who lived in Tuscany before the Romans and reached a high degree of civilization before being overcome by them. Cortona was one of the capitals of the kingdom of the Etruscans and in this delightful village you will find the museum able to tell their story.

For more information then visit the official page of the museum:

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