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Frequent ask questions on Tuscany:

1 – How many days do we need to visit Tuscany?

In Tuscany there is about 40% of Italy's artistic heritage and one life would not be enough to fully get to know all the works of art that are preserved in this land. So a journey in Tuscany should not be less than a week. I am fully aware that many people may not be able to stay many days which is why I have also always tried to write articles with different itineraries for various travel time. The most interesting articles will be: Tuscany in a week, Tuscany in 4 days, Tuscany in 3 days , 35 best tuscan villages.

2 – What are the routes I should take?

There is an endless number of possible routes and I have written many articles about them, following are the main routes:

3 – Can you suggest a place to stay for a few nights or to spend my holidays to?

In Tuscany there are hundreds of small hotels or villas where you can sleep for a reasonable price, I personally know very well Villa Vignacce which is a country house divided into apartments with pool. The house has only 3 apartments and is almost always full so I would advise you if you like this villa to contact the owner well in advance.
On another side, you will find many portals on the internet who offered houses, but the one I highly recommend as they have very charming villa is YourTuscanVilla. This company does a selection of nice villas and help to find the perfect home for a charming holiday.

4 – Which restaurants would you advise me to go to?

In Tuscany, you will have a nice meal in almost every restaurant you will go to as long as you avoid the very touristic restaurants on the main cities. I have my personal selection of the 5 best restaurants in Tuscany.

5 – Do we need a car to visit Tuscany?

Indeed, it is highly recommended! For this topic, I advise you to read the following articles:
How to organize ajourney in Tuscany, Things to consider while organizing a trip in Tuscany.

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