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Hidden corners of Siena

Dear friends,

Today I would like to talk about some places which from my point of view have something magic and you should not miss while you are visiting Siena for more than a day. In a previous article I had discussed the main points and what should be visited in Siena if you have only one day. Today, however, I want to add information to the beautiful places in the city that are secretly known by the locals and don’t take only a quick time to visit.

The first magical place I want to share with you is the view of the city from Piazza San Domenico.

Depending on the access point you choose to enter the city, you can get lost and find some of the most beautiful postcards sites of the city. In fact from this square you can enjoy a unique panorama of the Siena Cathedral which is undoubtedly one of the most impressive works of the city's artistic and architectural heritage worldwide.

The second magic city place is Porta Romana.

This gateway to the city is probably the most beautiful and best preserved of all. The door has this name because it is located at the south of the city towards the capital (Rome).
This door is especially interesting to visit because it retains the two doors that needed to be opened to access the city. 

During the Middle Ages for security reasons, access to the city was protected by a front door that opened into an enclosed courtyard where they could see the visitors closer and a second gateway to the enter the city for good.

Next to this door is located a magnificent building which used to be a psychiatric hospital, where as now it is completely a part of the Siena university. 
The way to get from the city center to the door will take you through very pretty streets outside the usual tourist roads.

The third magic location of Siena is Basilica dell´ Osservanza.

To reach the Basilica, you will need to drive or take the bus. The Basilica is located on the outsides of the city and is a former Franciscan convent. The Church itself has nothing special to see, but if the cloister is open, you will discover a place that instills a beautiful sense of peace and serenity. The place is particularly nice for the environment in which it is located and offers fantastic views of the city of Siena.

As always, hoping that this information will be useful.

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