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Passing through Cortona

A few weeks ago I talked about the movie “Under the Tuscan Sun” and its close relationship with the beautiful city of Cortona, a city that I can describe only by superlatives adjectives for how beautiful it is.

Cortona captivated me from the first day I saw her, probably because it was a sunny winter morning and I remember as if it was today (it's been five long years ...) the smell of burning wood that blended neatly with the stove where some expert hands began to prepare some specialties of the area.

Cortona has been a tourist destination since travelers began to discover the beautiful Tuscan countryside and were seduced by this unique city built on a buttress of Mount S. Egidio. Numerous legends are told about its foundation, so that today it does not seem to be questioned by any sources that this is a city founded by the Etruscans.

For those of you are going to visit Tuscany this summer do not miss the chance to visit this lovely city, count on the great advantage of not being too big if your organize well your visit time throughout the day (maybe a couple of days) and whether or if you don’t fency visiting so much, you will always be able to enjoy not only the beauty of the place but the beautiful panoramas. Among the main places that you have to visit is the Duomo (Cathedral of Cortona), the Church of San Francesco and Santa Maria delle Grazie the Calcinaio (the Sienese architect Francesco di Giorgio Martini). It is also a "must" to visit the Palazzo Comunale and Museum of the Etruscan Academy and the Diocesan.


Also you have to get to the highest part of the city and go the fantastic balcony that opens on the unique landscape of the Val di Chiana from Cortona. Also you will enjoy spectacular views of the Val d'Orcia, Lake Trasimeno and the Amiata Mountains and Cetina .

If the time allows it, and uniting culture to pleasure,you may have the time for shopping in small shops in the city where you will find from top brand clothing to marvellous craft shop where you will find the most beautiful notebooks, diaries , books, worked in leather and can cost (as happened to me) half of your vacation budget on them.


If your tour program gives you the opportunities to get close to Cortona from the 2 to the 10 August you will doubly fortunate to enjoy one of the most anticipated musical events of the year, in the panorama of classical music. In those days there will be the Festival del Sole. A music event that will bring together the best classical orchestras internationally, and has program in concerts of chamber music, violin and piano. Photographic exhibitions as well as literary events are also held.

One last tip to regain strength ... two of the restaurants in town that will surely go out of more than pleased: La Locanda del loggiato in full square of Cortona and the Hosteria del Teatro.

Bon Voyage!

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