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Five Events You Must See in Tuscany

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Today we will discuss the 5 major events or holidays in Tuscany that are worth the trip to visit and enjoy.

Palio di Siena 

It is no doubt that Palio di Siena is the most beautiful and spectacular event held in the region of Tuscany and you really have to experience it at least once in your life. The Palio is an event organized for tourism: it is a popular festival that has been endured by the people of Siena for quite some time. Its origins are truly ancient where rules and regulations have been created since 1644, the year in which the first Palio course with horses were kept. In 1729, the governor, Violante of Bavaria, defined formal boundaries in which the city was divided into seventeen districts. Each district is a small state, governed by a Prior and a captain and are assisted by two or three people in each neighborhood called "Mangini." Each territory has its church with an adjoining office where the trophies are kept. The Palio is a competition between these 17 neighborhoods where each neighborhood is represented by a rider. The riders race each other around the village square from 10 to 10 in two annual competitions that take place on July 2 and August 16. To dig deeper on this event I would advise reading the following article: Palio di Siena.

Il Calcio Fiorentino 

Similar to the medieval and Renaissance chivalry-like orders, the Moral Code Calcio Fiorentino follows the route of moral integrity of the Warriors and the Medieval Knights. This event is held every June 24 on the day of San Juan in the city of Florence. The Calcio Histórico is the Palio of Siena as a tradition in medieval origins which still retains old rules and is certainly one of the most spectacular events in Florence. For more information you can visit the blog article that talks about the Calcio Fiorentino.

Il Saracino 

La Giostra del Saracino is the most important festival in the city of Arezzo. The event was originated in the Middle ages and today it takes place twice a year: the second Saturday of June during the evening (Giostra di San Donato) and the first Sunday of September during the daytime (Giostra della Madonna del Conforto). The competition attracts thousands of visitors that are fascinated by the historical parade.
Hundreds of people participate in this parade and are dressed in medieval costumes with dozens of horses marked by the sound of trumpets along with the movements of the flags. Through the activities of the different districts of the city, Il Saracino maintains a tradition that has persisted for centuries where the colors of each neighborhood enforces the spirit of identity and belonging. For more information about this I advise you to visit the website for Il Saracino.

Festa Medievale di Monteriggioni

Another interesting event that is held every year is only a few kilometers from Siena. The event takes place at the castle of Monteriggioni, where it is decorated for the holidays of the lords and commoners.

During the event you will find many participants such as magicians, jugglers, acrobats, theatrical and improvisational rhyming, noble maidens, contortionists, snake charmers, and the highly recognized folk traditional artists of Tuscany. There is also a space inspired by the Middle Ages for children in addition to countless other fantastic surprises.
For more information please visit the website: Monteriggioni Medievale.

La Fioritura di Castelluccio

Although Castelluccio is located in Umbria and not Tuscany, the Fioritura party is an event of incredible beauty that is far worth watching. Castelluccio is located in a valley between Umbria and Marche where it is completely surrounded by mountains. Lentils are planted during the month of June and the valley, situated between mountains, is absolutely breath taking. For more information please see the following article: Castelluccio and Umbria.

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