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The best time to go to Tuscany

Dear Friends,

June is on its way and soon we will be in the month that from my point of view is without any doubt the best one to go visit Tuscany.

The reasons why I consider June as the best period to go are the following:

1 – The month June has for sure the longest day of the year and with more sunny hours. The sun rise up at 4:30 am and the sunset is around 9:30 pm. Having a lot of sunny hours while you travel is without any question helping to enjoy your journey at the finest.

2 – The temperatures are excellent. During the month of June are registered the warmest day with minimum temperature of 16 degree Celsius to a maximum heat of 28. Obviously the closer we get to the end of the month, the warmer the temperature go since we are getting to the pick of summer. Having moderate temperature is definitely nice and ideal for going through the cities of Tuscany weather.

3 - Rainfall may be present early in the month but are usually decreasing as we approach mid-month because in this period usually enter the Azores anticyclone and usually stays all summer ensuring hot sunny days.

4 - Another reason why I consider June the best month of the year to visit Tuscany is because of the low tourist inflow recorded during this month of the year. June is a month where even during the working days you can enjoy our cities of art without having to suffer of the usual large tourist crowds present in July and August. Thus you can enjoy museums without queuing too. If you want to visit the Uffizi Museum and the Academy of Florence, it is advisable to book your ticket and entry time via internet to avoid long queues.

5 - Another great advantage of traveling in June is to be able to enjoy more affordable prices. June is considered as middle season and many hotels still offer relatively inexpensive alternative to travel during this month of the year. The tickets are also usually much cheaper than in July or August.

6 - Finally I personally

find that June is the most beautiful month of the year thank to its colors. A trip to Tuscany is not only a trip to the cities of art but also a journey through beautiful landscapes. During the months of June the strong colors of spring leave the landscape to give space for the sweeter color of this season. The green wheat fields are mixed with red poppies as well as other flowers and make June the most spectacular month for its colors.

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Giorgio Toscano

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