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The Tuscan Blossom

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As you all know Tuscany as famous for its cities filled with art history, its authentic and delicious cuisine, its elegant wine, but Tuscany is also famous for its stunning landscapes. Thus, I dedicate this article to the plants and flowers that you will find if you visit Tuscany in spring.

Beginning of spring (March)

In this period, the landscape is characterized by intense colors where brown trees that have not bloomed are contrasted with the green of the wheat plants and the green fields that grow after the winter rain.

The plants that you will find in this period are blooming primroses, tulips and violets. On a walk through the forest you will also find mushrooms that have grown after a few days of rain during the sunny days.

March is a lovely time to visit Tuscany mainly because of the low number of tourists during this month.

Spring (April)

In this period many plants and flowers bloom, it is the awakening of nature after winter. April is a month of strong color contrasts. A multitude of plants and fruit trees that sprout during this period, such as cherry trees.

The days are becoming warmer but also can produce the last snowfall of the season. If you are not traveling during Easter, April is usually a food month for both daylight hours and for the lower prices of accommodation and the few number of tourists.

End of spring (May)

This is definitely the best time to see Tuscany at its best, the colors of the fields no longer contrasted with plants that have bloomed and all the plain is a harmony of colors. The days are long and sunlight is especially beautiful at dawn and dusk as they are more reddish and warm.

In the fields of wheat flourish alongside poppies and the beautiful contrast of the fields where the intense green of the wheat plant is mixed with red poppies. Also flourishing in this period are Fritillary saxatilis, the yellow plants that are very much appreciated (see photo).

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and soon you may enjoy the symphony of Tuscan colors.

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