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Discover Florence with the Firenze Card

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Florence is the capital of Tuscany and one of the most visited destinations in the world. This mesmerzing city is not only characterized by its multi-cultural environment but it is also an ideal destination for art lovers, history buffs and architecture fanatics.

So today I want to introduce you the Firenze Card; a very handy tool necessary for visits to Florence in order to maximize your opportunities and soak in all cultural offerings.

As museums in Florence hold time restrictions for visitations, with this handy card you will be given access to 67 museums with preferential entry that allows you to exhibit at your own pace and time. With the Firenze card, you will not only be able to admire special collections and permanent exhibitions, but you will also gain access to any exclusive exhibitions or temprary activities. To see the list of museums, libraries and galleries that are permitted with the card, click here.

The handy card is valid for 72 hours and can only be used once per museum. It is priced at 72 € and although the price may seem quite high at first glance, but once you calculate separately the number of museums with their expected price, you will see the worthiness of this card. Furthermore, if a citizen of the European Union purchases a Firenze Card, they will receive an extra card at no charge for a family member under the age of 18.

Additionally, with the Firenze Card you will be able to explore the city by public transport for free within 72 hours! You can purchase your Firenze Card or even find out more information on the benefits all through the official website.

From my personal perspective, the Firenze Card is without a doubt a necessary component to enhance your experience in Florence.

I hope as always that you find my articles informative and helpful as I try my best to give you ideas of special places to visit for your trip to Tuscany! If you consider this information valuable please click on G + button that you will find at the end of the article so that Google knows that this information is relevant.


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