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The beach in Monte Argentario - Porto Santo Stefano

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One common discussion that rises during trip planning to Tuscany in the summertime is the contemplation between Tuscany’s inland countryside and the coastal beach areas. As Tuscany is known for its rural landscapes, lush hills, and medieval villages, its beautiful coastlines are often forgotten.

Tuscany is comprised of many mesmerizing beaches but today we will focus on Monte Argentario, a highly recommended region that is truly breathtaking. Personally, my favorite Tuscan beach is located on the island of Elba (The Paolina) in Porto Santo Stefano.

Porto Santo Stefano is part of Monte Argentario in southern Tuscany and it undoubtedly offers some of the best beaches in the region. In my opinion, Cala Gelso is one of the most enchanting beaches among the many coves and beaches in the area accentuated by the pure majestic beauty of crystal clear waters. These enticing coves and beaches can be accessed along a scenic route around the peninsula of Argentario where one can soak in the captivating ocean view en-route to your desired beach. Although the way to the beaches is not the most convenient route, I assure you that it’s worth the walk!

Although Monte Argentario offers my personal favorite beaches, there are many other beaches to consider as well. Click here to access the map of local Tuscan beaches to have an overview of all the available beach options that may fit your travel plans in a more convenient way.

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