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Today I will discuss one of the many activities to do when you travel to Tuscany; Tuscany Markets. Personally, I find this very fascinating and I think you will like it as well. Similar to many parts of the word, these markets are held regularly in different cities and towns of Tuscany exhibiting different themes of endless products.

Markets are certainly a wonderful way of depicting culture and traditions represented by each area through all kinds of handicrafts, art, souvenirs, jewelry, flowers, traditional food, etc. Moreover, the surrounding ambiance is another key factor that contributes to the success of these markets. It is always a pleasure just to simply admire the festive environment filled with an atmosphere that captures all your senses.

Here are a few markets that are held in major cities of Tuscany and that you can include in your travel route:

1. Markets in Lucca

The Mercato dell 'Antiquario is held in the old part of the city on the third Saturday of each month, and it is where you will find mostly antiques and decorative items. This market takes place in the urban core of the city through medieval streets and squares that brings out its cultural feel.

2. Markets in Siena

The Mercato San Giuseppe is held every Wednesday morning from 8.30 to 13.30 and it fills the streets around the fortress with numerous shelves where you can find clothes, decorative objects, fruits, vegetables, etc.

In the same town an antique market, much like the first (dell 'Antiquariato) is also present on the third Sunday of each month. Furthermore, this city offers annual markets commemorating Santa Lucia (December 13) that is a truly wonderful celebration.

3. Markets in Florence

This city captures some of my favorite markets! The first to name is the Mercato delle Cascine, the largest market in Florence. This all day event runs every Tuesday in the Parco delle Cascine, a park that extends through part of Florence. This market offers all kinds of items ranging from food to souvenirs to electronics.
If you are looking for a particular item that encompasses memories of the city, I would propose you to take a look at delle “Pulci” trail located in Piazza dei Ciompi. This market is open every day from 9 in the morning until 19:30 in the evening. The best day to visit this lovely market is the last Sunday of each month where you can find a wider range of goods from furniture to jewellery, clothing, music, and so on.

Lastly, my favorite market of Tuscany is the Christmas market in Florence. This joyful festival located in S. Crocce Piazza runs from early December until Christmas Eve, the 24th. Like most Christmas markets, you can find plenty holiday goodies from delicious sweets to festive decorations.

I hope this article has reached you in a positive way and I hope your route through Tuscany will coincide with one of these fabulous markets!

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