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The Via Francigena; discover the Tuscan Camino de Santiago!

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Today I will introduce an activity that is perfect for individuals that wish to soak in some mesmerizing landscapes and indulge in Tuscan cultural traditions at firsthand; the Via Francigena. Via Francigena is a route through the countryside ideal for nature lovers, hikers, and explorers. It is like the road to Santiago!

I will present below some detailed information concerning this exciting route so you will have a better representation of not just the path but also its history.


Via Francigena was first discovered by the Archbishop of Caterbury. The use of this route was similar to the famous Camino de Santiago in Spain. Besides religious and pilgrimage purposes, the route was more or less used for individuals traveling to Rome.

The origin of this journey dates far back to the time of the Lombards who created a path to the old port of Luni and Tuscia. They created this path at a safe distance from the routes controlled by their implacable enemies- the Byzantines. Over time, this road became an important trade route and also the base of wealthy cities like Siena and Lucca.


Via Francigena runs through some major cities and towns of Tuscany and through this route, you can visit significant monuments like the Cathedral of Lucca or the hospital of Santa Maria della Scala in Siena, and so on.

This path offers the opportunity to relive the past through the footsteps of ancient traders crossing beautiful Tuscan hills while acknowledging many towns and cities filled with artistic treasures. This exhilarating journey allows the traveler to not only feel disconnected by the surrounding nature but to also be educated by various cultural traditions between towns while consuming quality authentic food and wine.


The journey passes through the valleys of Tuscany between Altopascio and Fuccechio where the Arno River crosses. This path leads you through the old town of San Miniato then through the Val d’Elsa known for its rolling hills and cultivated land filled with olive trees and vineyards. The walk passes through the medieval town of San Gimignano which then passes through Siena along the white roads of Val d’Arbia that connects to the city of Val d’Orcia Buonconvento. Finally, this captivating route will bring you to the fortified medieval village of San Quirico.

Overall, the Via Francigena is not just a path to take, but it is an experience for both religious individuals and for individuals seeking for an enriching journey filled with history, culture, and natural surroundings that sparks all your senses.

I hope this information has been fascinating and I hope I have encouraged you to take part of the VIA FRANCIGENA during your holiday in Tuscany. As always, I encourage you to click the G+ button or leave a comment at the end of this article if you have find this information helpful!


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