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Tuscany is a unique place in the world where the beauty of the landscape, art, culture and cuisine come together in perfect harmony. From the Middle Ages Tuscany has accumulated centuries of diverse history and great artistic culture that we have a duty to safeguard and protect. Its unique environment and heritage has been preserved for generations and continues to remain un-spoilt to this day.


From 1982 UNESCO introduced Florence to the list of World Heritage sites and today the list includes six areas and cities of Tuscany and the Villas and Gardens of the Medici .
In this article we will review them all so that you will not miss any of these locations on your next trip to Tuscany.
Florence, the capital of Tuscany and birthplace of the Renaissance is a premier example of the regions importance and world class beauty. Florence hosts a huge number of works of art and world class museums. Florence is certainly the premier destination in Tuscany and having spoken a lot about it in this blog, I will just provide links to previous articles:

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The historic center of Pisa is yet another UNESCO site which was added to the list in 1987. In this town you can admire many works of art and amongst them are the world famous emblem of Italy; the leaning Tower of Pisa.
As I have done with Florence, I have written about Pisa and pointed out some previous articles about this gem of a city which I think may interest you:

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Since 1990 San Gimignano became part of the world heritage list. From its privileged position in the heart of Chianti this small walled city still retains many of its medieval towers. These where an expression of wealth and opulence for its merchants centuries ago. Rich and famous since the middle Ages the city preserves numerous works of art. Its location in the hills of Tuscany makes this place a must see on any trip to Tuscany.
If you are interested in finding out a little more about this great town read the following link:

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In 1995 the stunning Siena also became part of the group of sites protected by UNESCO. Siena, with its perfectly preserved historic center is definitely one of the cities of Tuscany and Italy that best preserves its cultural heritage. The city is also famous for the Palio horse competition that takes place twice a year at the main square, Piazza del Campo. If you are interested in knowing a little more about Siena I recommend the following items:

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The following year, in 1996 it was the turn of Pienza, a jewel of Italian Renaissance declared an "ideal Renaissance city" and built by Pope Piccolomini in 1459. It is said that the Pope almost had a fit when the architect Rosellino, designer of this very unique place gave him the bill. They also note that the Popes anger faded when he came to see the true beauty of the work upon completion. Are you curious to know Pienza? Then the articles I've written about this beautiful place are found below:

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In 2004 it is the turn of the Valdorcia, which also happens to be considered as a World Heritage location and therefore a part of Unesco. The landscape of the Valdorcia is definitely the typical area that appears on most postcards of Tuscany. This is a valley of incredible beauty and definitely a must on the list of places to visit on a trip to Tuscany. Here we have several articles on this magical and beautiful place:
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The Val d'Orcia The main places in the valley

The unknown Val d'Orcia The main places in the valley


Villa Medici became part of the UNESCO World Heritage organization in 2013 and consists of some 12 villas and 2 gardens built by the powerful Medici family. These villas were summer residences for hunting of one of the most powerful in Europe during the Renaissance and families today and still retain immensely and incalculable treasures of art. Undoubtedly we face another must see of Tuscany:
Here are all the links to some of the villas that make up Villa Medici Chapels:

Villa di Cafaggiolo
Villa del Trebbio
Villa di Careggi
Villa Medici in Fiesole
Villa di Poggio a Caiano
Villa di Castello
Villa di Mezzomonte
Villa La Petraia
Villa di Camugliano
Villa di Cerreto Guidi

As always with this information I hope I have been helpful in planning your trip to Tuscany and as always I ask that you please click the G + button at the bottom of this article. This small gesture will tell Google that you have liked this content and allow us to continue writing and informing travelers like you with always fresh and local first hand information.
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